C-ARM mobile in the FPD operating room

Manufacturer: ATS (Radiología)
Origin: Italia

Price: Contact

Mobile C-arm system in the operating room OMNISCOP is designed to be versatile and compact

The photo receiver has many different 12 ” / 9 ” / 6 ” / 4 ” field-of-view options depending on your needs.

Touch screen control station can be adjusted in different directions

There is an easy-to-see LCD display on the body, which can be rotated in different directions

USB port to export images or connect to photo printers

Ethernet port for networking according to DICOM standard

Applied in orthopedic trauma, general abdominal surgery and vascular surgery

Retrograde biliary scan, interventional procedures and blood vessels

Treatment of pain and urology

There are always programs designed according to specific anatomical patterns for each region, especially a low-dose program specifically for Pediatrics.