General diagnostic X-ray system Accuray D5 / D6

Model: Accuray D5 / D6
Manufacturer: DK Medical Systems
Origin: Korea

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Overview of Products

Accuray D5/D6 is general diagnosis X-ray system, it appropriate image is provided accordance with diagnostic object, also this system can be combined with various configuration by user’s purpose.

  • High Frequency Inverter System
  • High level of Safety and Efficiency
  • User Convenience with APR Function built
  • Easy-to-Use Operation with One-Touch button , Ultralight and Compact

High Frequency AccuRay Series

AccuRay-Series is equipped with High Frequency Multi Processor Control. As it has the optimal conditions
and self-diagnosis programs, it stably operates in the best condition for X-ray and provides with High Quality images.
It is easily controlled by value, position, and other condition. Also 216 steps of APR is equipped and it is possible to diagnosis by various type of condition

High Frequency X-Ray Generator

This High Frequency Inverter Produces low ripple tube voltage and high x-ray quantum efficiency.
The Frequency is variable according to load conditions.

A stable X-ray out is achieved even with increasing tube currents and various condition.

With High Frequency way, it can minimize a rate of retaking under patient movement, and reduce the time for diagnosis. It stably operates in the best condition for X-ray and provides with High Quality images.


AccuRay D5

AccuRay D6

Radiography kV 40-125kV 40 – 125kV
40 – 150kV
Radiography mA 10-500mA 10 – 630mA
Exposure Time 0.001 ~ 10sec 0.001 ~ 10sec

Radiographic Table

6 Way Table
Model : TE-90

4 Way Table
Model : TF-90

4 Way Table
Model : TF-32N

Fixed Table
Model : TH-22B

Tube Support

Ceiling type Tube Suspension

Model : ELIN-T3 Plus

Floor type Tube Suspension

Model : SF-90

Bucky Stand

Model : VB-90

Integrated System

Model : ST-90D