Handy-Rad SE general diagnostic X-ray system

Model: Handy-Rad SE
Manufacturer: DK Medical
Country of origin: Korea

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Overview of Products

Handy-Rad SE is Inverter Type Radiographic X-ray System. It is general diagnosis X-ray system, it appropriate image is provided accordance with diagnostic object, also this system can be combined with various configuration by user’s purpose.

  • Micro-Multi Processor control with OneTouch Panel

  • Free voltage adjustment

  • Compact Size, Minimum Installation Space

  • Household Power Supply Possible with Handy-RadII

Handy-Rad SE Radiography System

Handy-Rad SE is inverter type of Radiographic X-ray system. Handy-Rad SE is configured for Flexibility with power supply, and it is compact system is designed to save space while minimizing installation works.It is equipped with Micro-Multi Processor Control to easy operation.

X-ray high voltage generator  
Control method High frequency inverter
Tube voltage setting range 40~110KV
Tube mAs setting range 0.32 – 100mAs (26step)
Anatomical programs Easy-To-Set 288 Anatomic Programs
Display LED display
X-ray Tube Support unit  
Focus movement Vertical travel(focus-floor distance) 940-1120mm
Operation : Manual, Electromagnetic lock
Longitudinal travel(along the guide rail) 1120mm
Operation : Manual, Electromagnetic lock
X-ray tube rotations on the horizontal axis ±90˚