Mobile X-ray machine Digital

Manufacturer: Sedecal (Radiología) -Canon
Origin: Spain & Japan

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The Radiologia TXL-Plus8 DR versatile mobile X-ray system has many flexible options, including:

– Mobile form with arms specializing in locating and shooting quickly.

Designed to specialize in hospital travel

– Mobile form with compact structure, foldable

Designed specifically for mobile health, especially in remote and isolated areas

Specially designed configuration for military use

– Coordinate form with patient table and lung scan rack

Designed specifically for units

+ Have diverse shooting needs: fixed, mobile, full body applications, taken at factories, factories of customers …

+ Newly built medical facility: There are diverse shooting needs at the beginning and when it develops, it will equip more

The controls are intuitive, easy to use

– Control the angle of the X-ray machine tilt

– Control the X-ray ball rotation

– Control the X-ray ball to move vertically, horizontally

– Control the X-ray ball to move up and down

– Adjust and position the patient table and X-ray ball as well as the lung scan rack

Powerful machine configuration, flexible options, to meet diverse examination needs

– Transmitter has a maximum capacity of 80kW

– Maximum shooting current reaches 1000mA, 640mAs

– Maximum voltage of 150kV

Mobile image processing control station

– Configuration is always updated according to modern and powerful technology

– Meet the needs of high capacity medical examination

– User-friendly and easy-to-use control interface, image processing

– Stable operation

– Always have a backup plan

– Maintain and upgrade software continuously, online

– Equipped with a fixed control station for on-site examination

Canon DR Flatbed Imaging Plate has a variety of options according to diverse usage requirements

– Fixed form

– Mobile form

– Wireless form

– Special photos receive special photos for Pediatrics, Orthopedic Trauma