X-ray mobile ELMO-T3

Model: ELMO-T3
Manufacturer: DK Medical
Country of origin: Korea

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Overview of Products

ELMO-T3 is a cost-effective mobile X-ray system that guarantees ultimate productivity. Thanks to a light weight and compact design, it enables to easily move in limited space such as intensive care, emergency rooms, and operating rooms.

  • Compact Design and one-touch Breaking System

  • Using Houseline System / Easy Installation

Light and Compact Design

Mobile X-ray system, ELOMO-T3 has a compact design that enables to take an X-ray Imaging even in a small space. This mobile X-ray is useful for patients who are not available to move. It can be operated from any standard wall outlet/

High Frequency Generator

Stable output by the high frequency inverter generator system.

 5.1kW maximum current 100mA

Smooth Maneuvering

Compact and lightweight design to archieve easy maneuverability and good visibility.

Arm Free Stop Function

Using Arm free stop function, you can stop the Arm easily and quickly at any position. You don’t need to operate a locking level for exposure.

High Quality Image with Simple Operation

The touch keypad and digital display of kV and mAs value on the operating console enable exposure parameters to set easily and quickly. The anatomical programs(APR) features with symbolic buttons, contribute to intuitive operation with a minimum number of key stroke.

Mobile X-ray system

It can be simply upgraded current analog mobile X-ray systems to have DR capability. In addition, with AED function, it can be upgraded without any damage to its hardware.

  • It can maximize the performance and efficiency of your mobile devices.
  • Wireless detector is for those who have difficulty moving around.
  • It can be easily moved and gives convenience to patinests and operator.
  • It allows quick and accurate diagnosis even in emergency situations.
  • It can be used wherever a potable check-up is required such as hospital rooms, ICU, emergency rooms, operating rooms, etc

X-ray Generator

Tube voltage range 40 – 110kV (1kV steps)
mAs range 1.0 – 200mAs (24 steps)
Rating 100mA 110kV
Control method Inverter Method
Power 5.1kW

X-ray Tube

Max. anode heat capacity 42.8kHU (30kJ)
X-ray tube focal spot size 1.8mm
Target angle 15°

Main Body

X-ray tube support method Spring balanced arm
Focus height 368 – 2,098mm
Arm length 1,100mm
Column rotation ±90°
Total width 500mm
Total length 806mm
Total weight 150kg
Power Single-phase, Voltage 220V