3-in-1 direct digital projection system

Manufacturer: Sedecal (Radiología) -Canon
Country of Origin: Spain & Japan

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Xcellence Dynamic is a premium direct digital imaging X-ray system

– Remote control by remote

– Automatic positioning without emitting rays

– The projected image is displayed instantly according to DIOM standard

– Ball column length up to 1.8 m for lung scan

– Column bearing the ball tilted 40 degrees for tilting, tilting

– Speed image capture up to 30 images / sec

– High quality projected images

– Control system ensures safety, anti-collision

Xcellence Dynamic meets the direct X-ray gold standard:

– Brain X-ray

– Chest X-ray

– X-ray of the abdomen

– X-ray of the spine, pelvis

– X-ray of the skeletal system

– X-ray of the extremities

– Tomography X-ray tomography

– X-ray to automatically join images of the entire spine and lower extremities

– Pediatric X-ray

– X-ray on a stretcher

– Xcellence Dynamic specialized applications

Tips for positioning projection

– X-ray of the spine

– X-ray of the bone – joint system

Examination of the digestive system

– X-ray swallowing contrast / esophagus

– X-ray of the stomach, small intestine

– X-ray of the mucosa by contrast and colon

Examination of the urinary system

– Urinary system X-ray survey

– Examination of the uterus X-ray

– Ovarian uterine X-ray survey

Investigation of X-ray of blood vessels

– Venous X-ray examination

– Digital artery X-ray investigation

– Digital blood vessel capture, background deletion

X-ray intervention

– X-ray survey of the spinal cord

– Joint X-ray survey

– Examination of X-ray in combination with upstream endoscopy / bile